Kofi Kinaata - No Place Like Home (IOM Safe Migration)

  • Kofi Kinaata, is IOM, the UN Migration Agency’s, first Goodwill Ambassador in Ghana. His role is to promote safe migration in Ghana. Kofi Kinaata will support IOM Ghana’s Aware Migrants Information
    Campaign through the release of a new song and video titled "No Place Like Home"; which is aimed at encouraging Ghanaian youth to value their lives and not take unnecessary risks in chasing illusionary
    greener pastures.
    He will also be supporting IOM’s advocacy and fundraising efforts, including educating young Ghanaians about the dangers associated with the journey across the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea to reach North Africa and Europe. (C) 2018. Team Move
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    Safe Migration Lyrics
    Youth life matters, call me Kofi Kinata
    See, nobody is against migration, but one needs to use the right channels
    To use unapproved routes, that can cost you your life is not right - so think about it
    The connection man will collect his money, he will make a lot of promises, you will get there and things will be different - so think about it
    I just want to tell you that life is not a race, be careful, don’t rush else you may crash
    Your life is precious sister; be careful you don’t waste it, brother
    So, all the happenings in Libya, have you forgotten?
    It’s not easy, see, noble and strong men have turned beggars
    Women are beaten and forced to be sex workers
    In Agadez, there are armed robbers
    No food, no water in the hot desert
    People are beaten, maltreated and some are being raped,
    In recent times, people are being sold
    Over 5,000 people died at sea
    Africa, Ghana, people, let’s wake up because life is all about you
    Be patient, there is no place like home
    We are all in haste to make money, but the grass is not always greener on the other side,
    Life is in phases, one step at a time, we move from Benz to Bugatti
    The future is bright, we shall build, we shall travel safe, we shall enjoy....or what do you say?
    If you must migrate, you must migrate safe
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