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  • *Helen Pawlos* New 2013 Song Album *Mehenen* # 6 (Hadanit)
    The very beautiful and talented Eritrean artist Helen Pawlos sat down Her New album 2013 Mehenen a Very Loveley And Positive Words correspondent for a special Art Of Eritrea.
    Artist Helen Pawlos her love of music started at an early age. As a young kid, she had a traditional drum (koboro), which she used to enjoy. She said her mother got her to start a guitar lesson, but as she was learning the music notes, her mind would wonder away and start to sing. She was then asked to join a band and meet with Artist Bereket Mengisteab.
    At the age of 15, Bereket took Helen under his wings, and gave her an opportunity to visit Addis Ababa for a month. Helen , after she returned back home to Asmara, she decided she would have more options and opportunities if she moved to Addis, and so she did. Helen was very much accepted and encouraged despite her young age.
    She remembered Ethiopian artists such as Haile Tadesse and Aregahegn Worash,Minalush Reta,Buzuayehu Demsse,Gossaye Tesfaye,Abnet Agonafir And More Ethiopian and Sudanes Artists with whom she had opportunities to be on stage and perform. These artists and many others were instrumental to her growth and success in the music business, and expressed her gratitude.
    In regards to her family's reaction when she was a very young aspiring musician,Helen that they strongly opposed it mainly due to her age. "They wanted Her to concentrate on school",
    During the interview, the beautiful artist QUEEN OF THE STAGE shows her unbelievable talent by singing in Tigrignga,Arabic,Amharic, Tigre,and even Oromigna andGuragigna And More Lungueges
    Helen Had Realesed 2 Albums
    *Vol 1(Tarikna yu) on 2001.And
    *Vol 2 (Niani) on 2005
    Single Songs Hagerey 2005
    Misakina 2006
    Shama Nibel 2009
    Tegezemi Eritrea 2011
    The 3rd Album On This Year 2013 (Mehenen)
    Helen Pawlos @ this time She Live in Sweden

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