Si Belle by Buravan (official video)

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    written by Buravan
    Audio by Bob pro
    video directed by Meddy Saleh
    label: New Level
    Si belle (lyrics)
    mpa umwanya wumve bae
    undeke nkwite bebe!!
    let me let it out.
    beauty in and out
    u take my breath away
    oh disi we
    tu es si belle
    t'es la plus belle
    everyday u look new
    I love what I see
    love of my life u are my fantasy
    tu es si belle signora
    vraiment si belle signora
    tu es si belle
    i'd ring like a bell
    and remind you oh my signora
    ni wowe nkunda mbivuga nta n'isoni,
    isoni oya nta n'isoni(×2)
    "spectacular" uko usa baby
    ni ko usa baby
    "particular" uko uri baby
    niko wowe uri baby
    from the way u talk
    to the way you walk
    you blow me away
    the way you care
    uko usa bae oh disi
    *pre chorus:*
    bwiza budashira irora
    t'es belle
    usa na bike
    si belle
    mon amour si belle
    si belle ×...
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