Nam Gospel United - We Pray (Official Video)

  • Artists: Nam Gospel United
    D-Naff | Levite | Maranatha Goroh | Effy, Franklin & Dee’A | Lady Dyna Justin Lomame | Bhuqaid | Pride | Alex Shiwayu | Tony the Poet
    Title: We Pray
    Directed: Eric Mule
    Make-Up: Ludisha
    Produced: Glo @ Glo Music Production
    Mastering: Lucas Bikedo @ Ogopa Inc (Kenya)
    D-Naff Entertainment 2018 (c)
    In a world where selfishness is dominating, Namibian believers are making a stand to be brother's keepers.When we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and testimonies are heard here and there, some people conclude that we are powerful men of God. But... the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes:
    To everyone who believes, not who preaches.The donkey that spoke to one prophet was not a powerful donkey. The word of God that came out of that donkey was POWERFUL!!!
    Any church that does not know anything about salvation, does not preach Christ.
    No matter how long you live on earth, you can never live long! So lets be there for each other.
    So as Namibian Gospel Artists United, We pray for our land, our President, our leaders, ourselves, our enemies, our Spiritual leaders, our families, our gifts and talents, Africa, the World and we pray for those that are not yet born. This is us regardless of denominations:
    Nam Gospel United!
    And we pray!

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