King of Ma/gaisa Phura "!Nuwusandi @ swakop"

  • Damaran Gaob. When I returned to Namibia in 2003, I was surprised to find Damara punch on cd. Not only that when I heard his first album I knew there was no way it's quality would be met, ever. Sadly and perhaps in my view the first album remained unmatched, it just was supreme. Nonetheless he served with dedication. However he knew he really was King and of course people attested to that at every corner. Just to prove that, he once said "Tita ge ma tsi ge a tama" and he added "Tita go mo Phura ta-o sadu khoeta" ("Gao khoe se dye, Phura"). Ladies even added "Ti #gaoba tara /geiba tse Phura" (there is one song that eludes me now released around 2007 wherein a lady speaks Afrikaans like an Afrikaner affirming who is "Bas" (let me try and find it) Ae kai xawa ra tse...! //ots go tita mi tite ti #hanub !na-i khoe-e //o tama. #Nisa xauDama tse #Nukhoen ge sa !om!nasa xu ge re #utse...

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