Beau Saga - Finessa (Official Music Video)

  • Published on March 15 ,2019
    Instagram: beausaga_official
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    Written and composed by Beau Saga
    Recorded by - Flacko Films and Rtc Visuals
    Location - Robbery in Atlanta Ga , Other Scenes in New York
    Editor- Rtc Visuals
    Actor(Driver) - Rebecca
    Actor(Victim) - Danny Z
    Actor(Thief)- Kendall
    Other Cast- o51elites
    Licensed by Sagaway Publishing, Beausaga,llc
    Beau Saga is U.S born but from the Ivory Coast. Saga is also proud to claim New York as his Home state through he currently resides in Atlanta GA. Beau Saga toke his title as the Number One African Artist in the Planet with creation of the genre, AfroHop. Which essentially is a refine blend of African traditional music and hip hop. Saga contributions to music will forever impact future generations of songwriters and composers. His music is for everyone to forget the hardships and enjoy the blessing bestowed on them. It is very inspirational Beau Saga is breaking all boundaries like no other.

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