• This is a little piece of footage from my two-day workshop with dancer Mamy N'Deye Thione Seck in Dakar, Senegal.
    We danced a choreography to the rhythm Sunu, which is found in many places in West Africa.
    The people drumming are:
    Djembe Solist: Baidi Ngom
    Djembe Accompaniment: Mardy Diop & Ousmane Bekaye
    Dundun/Sangban: Adama faye
    We danced in a spare room at Mamy's father's house in Medina.
    Mamy is available to teach short and long dance workshops for anyone interested. She can arrange for drummers as well as a larger space if needed.
    She dances Sabar, Contemporary and 'Ballet-style' (In the French sense of the word). She dances in a ballet in Dakar, which I unfortunately have forgotten the name of. She has also starred in a few music videos from Senegal's popular music artists.
    In my personal opinion, I found her a very good teacher; patient, humorous, hard-working and with an eye for detail, which sometimes can be hard to find.
    Her contact details are as follows (if you want to go visit):
    Medina 23X22
    chez N'Deye Michella Lame
    I also have a phone number for her, but do not want to publish worldwide. Please contact me if you are seriously interested.

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