Lindsey Kelly ~ Over And Over (music video, pop)

  • MIRACLES CONCERT ~ This music video is from the glorious Miracles Concert week end retreat that we held in Sweden, Stockholm (Sept 3-5, 2010), with 11 artists from all over the world coming together sharing the music from the heart!!!
    Lindsey Kelly (USA), Buhani Fall (Sweden/Senegal), Erik Archbold (USA) and Maria Rævbak Larsen (Denmark) that I have been collaborating with on the music were all gathered, and the joy of all of us coming together and sharing in this way felt very powerful. Our other friends that also sang were Joakim Pettersen (Sweden), Armelle Six (Belgium), John Overton (Sweden), Tiwaz (Sweden), Lena Kristina and Toomas Tuulse (Sweden).
    Welcome to take part of and enjoy our whole Miracles Concert week end, with inspirational live concert music videos, here online at !!!
    Blessings of Love,

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