The Luo of Kenya: A Visual history (music : VUC Lamo)

  • The Luo of Kenya also known as 'Jo'kowiny' settled around the Kavirondo gulf present day lake Victoria which is also the source of the Mighty Nile river. descendent from the larger Kingdom of Nubia, the Luo migrated south from the Sudan. Famed for their intelligence, oratory ability and sense of style. The Luo tribe, through intermarriages and wars, are part of the genetic admixture that includes all modern East African ethnic groups as well as members of the Buganda Kingdom, the Bunyoro Kingdom, the Toro Kingdom of Uganda. The Music 'Lamo' meaning prayer in dholuo, is a traditional Luo Christian praise song by Voices United Choir Africa music kenya luo dholuo swahili experience music; kenyan gospel Luo gospel benga rumba ethnic vuc lamo akinyi otieno

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