Washington D.C Tour, BLM, Moroccan Food in America 2021 with Mor Acro USA 2021, American Music

  • Washington D.C. tour with Mor Acro, we see the remnants of BLM protests in America 2021. We end the night with Moroccan food, ghriba, sweet tajine, batbot Moroccan bread and Moroccan tea. As we travel to the USA 2021 our pit stop in Maryland for our layover found us at the house of our friends Ronald and Fatima. A wonderful couple who generously took care of us during our 10 hour layover in Washington D.C.
    We leave Washington Dulles airport to explore famous sites in the capital of America such as Georgetown, the Washington monument, the White House, the world war 2 memorial, and the African American history museum.
    I was shocked to find tent communities and homeless people sleeping just outside the White House and Washington monument. Washington D.C. at night is an interesting place, as the youth cruise around on scooters, you can feel the tension in the air. We see the remnants of BLM protests in Washington D.C. Cardboard cards in memory of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor are side by side with protest cards of nuclear war.
    We slept well in an American house with plenty of Moroccan flavour, making us feel at home as we transition into these America 2021 days.
    My belly misses Morocco already as we transition to new foods, scents, sights, and people of America.
    Again a big thank you to Ronald and Fatima for hosting us weary travellers, a beautiful couple who captures the spirit of America, working hard to create a life they want in the pursuit of happiness.
    In today’s vlog we start with the national anthem of America, move into Amazing Grace, and end with America the Beautiful, providing the soundtrack for our first evening in America.
    Chicago Illinois and Schaumburg Illinois vlogs coming soon! Then the next stop will be some Slovenian adventures!

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