On My Way (Official Music Video) | Machel Montano | Soca 2015

  • Trinidadian Soca artist Machel Montano presents the official music video for "On My Way." Brand new for Trinidad Carnival 2015!
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    Stripped bare, unburdened by assumptions, and laid before the world to see, Monk Monté unveils a release and accompanying video, that shares the spiritual journey he has taken from his first breath of life to this very moment in time. The story follows the evolution from a young boy starting in the Pyramids of Mother Africa, making his way full circle back to the Trinity Hills of his current home in Trinidad & Tobago, paying respect to all the magical steps along the way.
    The evolution of self is personified through the characters in the video, two of which are played by Machel's very own son and father.
    The moving number, “On My Way”, is a soulful tale and tribute to the land and musical culture, Machel was predestined to arise from and grow within.
    Powerful lyrics intertwined with riveting drums and emotional visuals, paint a poignant picture of heritage alongside an innate connection to the birthplace of Soca.
    Springing from this music, produced by Starblu and co-written by Tishon Singh & Machel Montano, is that intangible warmth, and effervescent joy these islands are well known for.
    This is a track which will touch hearts and lead souls to sing in euphoric frenzy, as they celebrate the blessing of just being alive right here and right now.
    The video and song was launched on CNC3, one of Trinidad & Tobago's premier national broadcasters.
    Performed by Machel Montano
    Written by Tishon Singh & Machel Montano
    Produced by Romell “Smiddy” Smith & Ajari Jules of StarBlu Entertainment
    Background Vocals by Nikita Browne & Roger George
    Recorded by Kasey Phillips & Machel Montano
    Mixed by Dave Pensado
    Mastered by Gene “The Machine” Grimaldi
    Creative Writing by Mystie Thongs
    Executive Producers
    Machel Montano & Che Kothari
    Che Kothari & Machel Montano
    Second Camera
    Che Kothari
    Lead Editor
    Assistant Editor
    Aaron “Tiny” Richards
    Stylists & Clothing
    Renee Butcher
    NorBlack NorWhite
    Gregory Dwayne
    Cesar Arellanes
    Line Producers Egypt
    Hesham Elbeshbeshy
    Abdel Ghani Hammad
    Mohammed Ali
    Line Producer Trinidad
    Joseph Carver Thompson
    Machel Montano
    Nicholas Montano
    Monty Montano
    Mustafa “The Poet” Ahmed
    Abdel Rahman
    SoundCloud | www.soundcloud.com/MachelMontano
    Twitter | www.twitter.com/MachelMontano
    Instagram | instagram.com/machelmontano
    Facebook | on.fb.me/1bLK32K

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