New operetta heart of one (CLIPS) 2015 - UAE & Egypt Music Video

  • The love of Egypt message to the UAE and the United Arab Emirates to Egypt
    exclusively for the company Retage production and technical distribution of
    the national operetta # Qlb_uahd memory of Almjbh and friendliness between the UAE and Egypt on the occasion of the 44 EU Arab Emirates Holiday United has Retage company for production and technical distribution work operetta (one heart) and who was involved with many of the artists and stars Arabs with the participation of artists: Muhammad sweet Diana Haddad Ihab Tawfiq Fayez Al-Saeed biblical Fathi Ghada Ragab Ahmed Ezzat Carmen Suleiman Yasmin Alnyaze Oraib Mohammed Manhali Mohammed Salem Nadia Mansouri Rania Sha'ban Faisal Jassim Posey Mona Amarcha Muhamad Mugraby moded Kaabi Rima net words : Emirati poet Ali Bellows Egyptian poet Angel just Composer: Amr Ezaby Arrangement: Mohammad Abbas & Amr Ezaby been Registration studios Retage Production & Distribution Technical Dubai & Eye Studio Voice of Love Egypt Studio M Sound Egypt audio signal: Mohammed Ezaby Hani Mahrous Ammar al-Khater Oxygenator and Mastrang: Mohammed Esmat String Instruments: Ahmed Farahat Nye Ahmed Khairy law and Walid Hassan drum Ahmed Ayadi No. Hisham Arab Guitar Mustafa Aslan rhythms Gulf Samir Al-Qattan Children's Choir Emirates (Ras Al Khaimah Educational Zone Schools) Coral Egyptian children: Rima Imad to Imad Farah Tariq Laura Grant Marina Osama Melody George media coordination within the Arab Republic of Egypt: Abeer Shourah managers filming: Samir Karam wealth witnessed by Mohammad Saeedi Editor: Pino Graphic: Deco Makeup: Rasha & Angie Executive Producer Retage Art Production and distribution production of the composer Amr Ezaby output Amr Ezaby each year and Arab Emirates United beloved Egypt and the people and the rulers is fine

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