AMA-DAZ-FLOOR | OKAMATI Official Music Video

  • Soukus Kwasa Kings releases a new song from Omalenga Album titled "Okamati".
    The song Okamati is a song dedicated to the youth of Namibia and it outlines that all dreams can come true.
    Okamati song speaks about a small boy from the northern part of Namibia and the song demonstrates how the small boy used to take care of his family livestock at home, goes to school then later graduates and becomes a successful lawyer.
    This song was also made to inspire all people in different ways and to motivate them to always make the best out of everything, and always look up to the Lord as well. Furthermore, the song was dedicated to our Namibian successful lawyer SISA NAMANDJE that has made a great impact on a lot of people’s lives through his work. The song expresses where the lawyer had been as a child, grew up and later became one of the best lawyers in the country.
    “We all believe in dreams and we all can achieve them no matter what background we are from.”
    The latest serving from AMA-DZ-FLOOR's kitchen arrives with a ZMR directed music visual, to give "Okamati" life and a boost to cement it as a continental smash. Enjoy!

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