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  • Senegalese kora player, Solo Cissokho, and Lithuanian kanklės player, Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, meet each other for their first duo recording. This is the first time these two instruments have been recorded together. It’s a fascinating meeting of traditional music cultures and sounds.
    Senegalese musician Solo Cissokho plays kora, a string instrument from West Africa, and performs vocal parts. He is a griot – a special performer, storyteller and praise singer who transmits his African heritage through music. Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė is a Lithuanian singer and kanklės (Baltic psaltery) player. She combines her native music roots with improvisations in different styles, taking the traditional kanklės sound in new directions.
    Released in May 2015, One Root Music
    SOLO & INDRĖ – Griot Senegalés Solo Cissokho y artista profesional Lituana Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė han grabado un álbum sin precedentes, donde kora (instrumento tradicional africano) y kanklės (instrumento tradicional Báltico) se encuentran por primera vez juntos. En él, culturas tan lejanas como la Senegalesa y la Lituana se comunican, tejiendo una perfecta conexión que trasladará al oyente a un rincón acogedor y de vuelta a las raices.
    Track list:
    1. Damma - Gervė
    2. Dolo
    3. Manssani - Bitelė
    4. Saula Yay
    5. Petit Pois - Sanoy
    6. Kaira - Upelė
    7. Saha
    8. Leliumoj - Bamba
    One Root Music is a music agency, producer, record label, concert organizer, promoter of the "world music".
    We can see how different our cultures are but at the same time we can observe how similar they can be. In One Root Music we believe that music is a way of showing that different cultures can come together and have a conversation without mutual language, be open to each other, and become
    one root music.
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