Journey to South Africa (South African House Music) Mixed by DJ Spivey

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    I've heard South Africa is The Most Beautiful Place to visit in The Entire World. If their House Music is any indication of The Spirit and Creativity and All Out Passion of the people, I totally can't wait to get there in 2013! The Amazing Songs on this Mix are all produced, sang, edited and or remixed by an artist from the country. One of my Favorite DJ/Producers Black Coffee leads the way with his multi layered and incredible projects, but other artist such as DJ Kent, Bucie and The Rooted Channel Brothers to name a few, surely make some Bangin' Music in their own right showcased on this Mix... Well enough of The Talking let's get Ready to Dance!
    Journey to South Africa:
    0:00:00 South African Rugby Triumph (Live Footage Recording)
    0:00:24 Rock My World by Black Coffee
    0:07:20 Move Your Body by Gordheaven & Juliano featuring: Caysoul
    0:13:16 Take Me Deeper by Tinozz featuring: Sane
    0:20:14 Do It (Mindlo & Essential i Remix) by Shake The Dog featuring: Monique Bingham
    0:27:08 I'm so Hung Up on You by Nastee Nev featuring: donald Sheffey
    0:35:20 Groovy Nights by Rooted Channel Brothers
    0:41:10 Ju Ju by Black Coffee featuring: Zakes Bantwani
    0:47:13 Popular Side by Adeniji Heavywind
    0:53:15 Uyangichomela (Ralf Gum Mix) by Shana
    0:59:39 Falling by DJ Kent
    1:05:44 Get Over It by Bucie
    1:13:28 Even Though by Black Coffee
    1:19:42 Secret in You by Mindlo & Essential i
    1:26:35 Shaping My Dream (Midnight Dub) by Rooted Channel Brothers
    1:33:27 Shakaz Kraal by Ocean Deep
    1:39:30 Living My Dream by Local Instruments
    1:45:59 Mumi Wango by Black Motion featuring: Soulflow
    1:53:00 We Are One by Black Coffee featuring: Hugh Masekela

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