Imalove Kizomba - Abo E Um So feat. Vargas (Official Video)

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    New Imalove Music Video & beats by Mark G. Credits to Popo for the video production and Vargas for his part. All and all great job. This is what we call Kizomba and known as Zouk by older generations. In the end, its music and its all the same.... Dances are by Kizomba Gilson Mendes & Dunia Paiva. The dance is a mixture of Passada and Kizomba. We call our dance Passada X which is a group we created.
    This is where you can find him here;
    " Imalove, ingosta de canta, nao pa fama, sim pamode ungosta, E faze nha cabesa feliz com a musica, e outros Alguen tb.
    Ami unsta na musica desdi 17 Ano idade. Ami um nace na sao filipe, ilha Do Fogo, mas unta vive na America,,,
    Musica e nha Grandeza, E nha vida. Ngosta de transmite nhas msg de Amor pa tudo alguen Atravez de nha letras e melodias.
    Obrigado pa nhos tudo pa support em e Imalove kizomba.
    A few months ago we formed a group which we called, "PASSADAX," where we added a few steps to the original Passada to make it more smooth and unique. If you watch the video towards the end you will see a mixture of both Kizomba and Passada.

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