Dance and reading activities at the Xibuwewe music school in Manhica, Mozambique

  • Xibuwewe works to provide a safe space for arts education, and for expression of creativity and Mozambican cultural musical traditions. Xibuwewe's musical lessons are concerned social justice issues such as gender-based violence, domestic violence, children's rights, and environmental preservation. The lessons are also targeted on health education and prevention of serious disease such as HIV/AIDS, cholera, and malaria. These important and relevant issues are discussed and familiarized with the participating children, and further communicated to the community in musical, dance, poetry and theatrical performances. The children write some of their own music, poetry and plays about social justice issues and share their pieces with their peers. In this way, Xibuwewe provides a safe space where youth, in particular young women, are able to gain knowledge, community and self-esteem.
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