BOM DIA INHAMBANE - Positivo Mozambique (Part 2)

  • BOM DIA INHAMBANE is a documentary about the music scene around Mozambique's province-capital of Inhambane. The austrian musician Roland Pickl is running the small recording studio Bom Dia where he produces and records local bands and music projects. together with his friend the mozambican rapper and musician Helio D., he takes us to numerous musicians of the area. At spontaneous jam sessions, rehearsals and organized concerts an extremely vivid music culture is presented. Against all odds a great range of virtuosity and a groovy lust for life unfolds. We meet a legendary traditional timbila orchestra, a local party band, Inhambane's most prominent reggae rasta prophet, a singing shoemaker they call "the Big Boss of Marrabenta" as well as a group of swinging elderly ladies shaking off their trials and tribulations. In addition the two are the initiators of Positivo Moçambique, an association that conducts HIV/Aids awareness work in schools. they use music as an effective medium to promote awareness and fight taboos.
    A film by Mozibrews
    BOM DIA INHAMBANE - Positivo Mozambique (Part 2) presents HIV prevention in school activities through music and theater, by the association Positivo Mozambique.

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