Dulce & Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Mozambique - 'Tsiketa Kuni Barassara' Women of Africa

  • Track 4 'Tsiketa Kuni Barassara' by Mozambiquan singer Dulce and the band Orchestra Marrabenta de Mozambique from the 1989 CD album 'Women of Africa' released by Sound Products, Holland. Dulce is one of the featured singers with the band which plays Marrabenta music. Formed in 1979, Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mocambique served as the house band for Mozambique's national radio station. The group's style of marrabenta, Mozambique's urban dance music, featured two lead guitars set to the harmonic strains of a keyboard, a rhythm section that included bass, drums, and hand percussion, and a horn section featuring two trumpets and saxophone. Wazimbo, who had previously performed with Grupo Radio Mocambique, wrote most of the band's material.

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