Music Bridges - 2014 Mozambique

  • Music Bridges: the second main event told through images!
    Music Bridges is a project to reinforce the creation and the production of music goods in Vanuatu and Mozambique building on south-south cooperation, networking and distribution circuits between regional and European artistic contexts. Diverse and talented young musicians from two regions, Melanesia and Southern Africa, are engaged through creative platforms to share amongst one another and discover innovative ways of promoting themselves, their music and their culture.
    Music Bridges event in Mozambique (May/June 2014) was the second main event: over 45 musicians, dancers and music communicators participated, hailing from all Mozambique and other countries such as Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
    The project is implemented by COSV, Further Arts and Music Crossroads Mozambique, in collaboration with Lettera27 and Somas. The project is co-funded by the EU-ACP Culture+ program.
    photo by Cristina Panicali (
    music by Music Bridges participants and Banda Tudulos
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