The Batiste's Meet The Bannaya | Senegal | Part 1

  • An introduction to the Bannaya family of Senegal and legendary maestro Noumoucounda Cissoko!
    The global aim of this collaborative project is to reinforce music as a powerful tool to unite, inspire, and connect the African Diaspora on as many spheres as possible.
    Mixing Senegalese voices, percussions and traditional instruments like the unique and mystical sound of the kora played by Noumoucounda-a worthy successor of his late father the legendary Bannaya Cissoko-with the legendary Batiste family from New Orleans.
    The musicians will make use of their collective memories to create an exceptional and inimitable sound, a sound that will unify language, rhythm and heal.
    Kiddclo | BTS Gold FLAG (extended version)
    AFRICAN TIGRESS | Falling In Love In Dakar, Senegal

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